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These gates were made for a contractor developing a new residential area to secure the easement for the neighborhood, it was made using 2 x 1 rectangular tubing as the frame and the bars are 1 x 1/2, the posts are 4' Poles that hold the gates and the fence panels have a 2' and 3' poles on top of the rock wall to hold the fence panels nice and sturdy. 

This carport was made 40 Feet deep and 20 Feet wide which will easily accommodate 4 cars, the roof is Rpanels powder coated in bright copper color with a 30 year warranty from Mueller Metals, we used 4x4 Inch posts, in which 5 were used on each side, the roof line we used 2x6 Purlins which were welded at each joint on top of the post to have a clean appearance. The metal structure was painted bronzetone brown to match the top.

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